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flip flop

Try different heel heights --- gone are the days of flip-flops that were absolutely flat. These days, you can get flip-flops with a wedge heel (often called slides), a kitten heel or even a high heel, although these are usually grouped with sandals.

Sole Design

Some flip-flops, even the sports styles, can have too smooth a sole. When they get wet, your feet can slide inside the shoe, or the bottom of the shoe can slide on the wet surface. If you are planning to wear the flip-flops during a beach vacation, cruise or watersport activity, you want a sole that has some grip/traction. Conversely, if you plan to wear the flip-flops out on city streets, you will want a sleeker-looking sole, to pass fashion muster.


For optimal comfort I suggest a thicker strap on a flip-flop. Thinner straps have the tendency to cut into the skin during more aggressive activity. They will also be more likely to stretch than thicker ones, resulting in a less snug and not-so-functional chappal. Also look for soft cushiony material on the inside of the strap if you are focused specifically on comfort. It is key that a strap fits well, especially when the material is slightly abrasive -- a loose-fitting strap is more likely to cause abrasion or blisters on your feet. If there are multiple straps, be sure the angles of the straps are comfortable and that the parts of the foot that peek through them look attractive.

Heel Height