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Ruby Slippers

  Ruby Slippers in my case are not shoes they're people who inspire or people I look up to. People who have their own special or delicate way of teaching. Ruby slippers are the people who teach you how to define who you are and how to make it though life.

Search deep within my eyes and tell me where the truth lies. Everyday taken down, critisized, tantilized, and threatend by those who wish to fill the shoes that I so delicately wear. These are my ruby slippers,click the heels and watch me soar among the clouds and the faces that envy, knowing they can't be me so they push me, with their words they scar me but never can they break me. All in the power of my ruby slippers, Im motivated to keep my head high, hands reached to the sky knowing any moment I could fly among the stars, But only in the comfort of my ruby slippers could I define to the world who I am, a friend, a vocalist, a student, a writer. A sister, a daughter, a niece, a fighter.