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Fujian Putian Best Co., Ltd.

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Slippers From Fujian Putian Best Co.,Ltd.

      There are various types of slippers. You'll find the typical designs. Slippers could also possess soft or even tough bottoms, with respect to the utilize. Some don't get worried about donning shoes and boots inside of thus a tougher soled slipper would be good pertaining to heading out within the veranda to possess your own morning hours popular cocoa.

        You need to be within smooth, cozy women slippers. Don the original slippers or why not be daring and also opt for single purpose elegant slippers. Direction, your feet can thanks.

      It is the primary objective of this invention to provide a shoe structure that incorporates a novel concept for holding a pair of shoes in a storage position without the use of a carrying case or the like. In accord with this objective, and in preferred form when the invention is applied to wholesale slippers, each slipper is provided with one-half of a slide fastener on the periphery of the slipper's sole.

        When storage is desired, the slippers are oriented toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel, the uppers of the two slippers are simply laid together one against the other, and the two slide fastener halves connected together in normal slide fastener fashion. In this configuration, the soles of the wholesale slippers constitute the outer faces of the stored slipper package, and the slipper interiors are protected from, e.g., dust and the like.

     Slippers wholesale have been around for a long time, probably since some early human decided to protect the soles of his or her feet from rough surfaces. Nevertheless, efforts to improve the sandal continue down to the present time.

      Fujian Putian Best have been in footwear business since 2003 offering our customers special requirements for slippers. Since then, we devote to expand our market by meeting our customers' needs throughout the order process.

     The main products are EVA slippers,Rubber thongs,PE flip flops,PVC sandals,fabric footwear,straw flipflops,EVA injection,garden clogs,which use silk printing,offset printing,embossing,embroidery,dying cut basing on OEM.

       The BEST means we are always trying our best to offer our clients the best service,best quality and best price.And put it into practice throughout every act as being patient, careful and persistent.