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Contact info

Fujian Putian Best Co., Ltd.

ADD: 889 RenMin Road, Hanjiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province,China 351111
Tel: 0086-594-3319821 






Being Professional--Putian Best is Trying Best

     As is known to all, in China, most footwear factories locate along the southeast coast like Guangdong,Fujian,Zhejiang ect. Having advantaged geographical advantage, footwear industry in Fujian is especially developed.

      It is reported by Fujian local media that compared to other region in China, Fujian province owns all kinds of footwear factories which cover sports shoes,ladies' shoes,leather shoes and slippers ect. Obviously, the development of footwear in Fujian is catching more and more eyesights from insiders.

     As a member of Fujian footwear industry, Putian Best Co,. analysis the tend of the market and makes a wise decision that starting business in slippers. For slippers are necessities of everyone in various occasions. And because of this wise decision, it becomes an advanced flip flop manufacturer in the slippers field.

    For years, the company keeps the faith that god helps those who helps themselves and works hard to study the needs of clients from all sides.

     Established in 2005,Fujian Putian Best Co,. Ltd is now a professional EVA slippers, sandals and gift slippers manufacturer, their fashion and comfortable slippers have been favoured by their customers from North America,Europe and Middle East.

     "We are still trying our best to become the most competitive company in flip flop in footwear market." said the manager of this young company.