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Slippers---The cause of A Contradiction Between Police And People

      It is reported that recently a protesting for police is being held in Indonesia. People put their slippers outside the police station to express support for a 15-year-old boy who was charged with stealing a pair of old slipper.


          Government accused that the the 15 boy, together with his partners, took away a pair of slippers outside of a hotel. The old white slippers, whose owner is a police, became the disaster of the boy. He was hit and abused by 3 policemen, then he was charged. The boy is facing 5 years in jail, if convicted.


       Thousands of people put their slippers outside the police station to show their rage on what the police done. Budi, the responder of the activity, says that they are collecting 1000pairs of slippers to the police who claimed losing his slippers as compensation. The slippers will be sent to Indonesia National Headquarter of Police. Some schoolmates of the boy even said that they will wear slippers instead of school footwear to have classes.