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Fujian Putian Best Co., Ltd.

ADD: 889 RenMin Road, Hanjiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province,China 351111
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Slippers-Your Choice Concerned for Your Feelings

      Nowadays, slippers can be seen every where no matter what the season is.

      Of course, some of them are cheap, some are very expensive being well placed in the boutique.These slippers are all with different styles (like flip flops, sandals or even with straw strap,ect), colors and materials. Slippers suppliers are racking their wits to attract customers.

     However, among so many choices, consumers or slippers importers may ask questions like this: What is the difference between EVA slippers and PVC slippers? What kind of kid slippers shall I choose? Which beach sandal will make me look more charming? Which type of gift slipper can become a best-seller this year, mat slipper or small slipper?

     As a China slippers manufacturer and being specialized in slippers field for about 10 years, Fujian Putian Best Co.,Ltd can provides all kinds of summer slippers or sandals for you. The products are featured with comfortable and well-designed. For the company concerned customers' feelings when they are on the thongs. Also the company is trying best to widen business for every slippers importers.

     So what are you waiting for? Find the right flip flops for your feet or market here to enjoy the comfortable feelings right now! Not found what you are looking for? Don't worry, design one for yourself and we can develop it for you.