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Slippers-Different Types

      There are many different types of slipper in the world today, each with various  styles, materials and purposes.Today we mainly introduce two major kinds of slippers: Flip flop and Sandal.

      Flip flops: These slippers are often with an EVA outsole in 13mm or 15mm. There is a hole in about 1/5 place of the front  and 2 on both sides of  about 2/5 from the bottom.In this way a strap can be fixed to make it possible to ware.The strap is very changeable by people's will. It can made by strap, PVC, TPR,PE,plastic or rubber. Also, people like to add some decoration like embossing logo or printing pictures sometimes even embroidery flowers or other things on it. In summer, people like to ware it on beach which is known as beach slipper. For its leisure and simple styles, no matter the young,the old or men and women are in favor of this kind of footwear.

      Sandal slippers; or Birkenstocks; cushioned sandals with soft rubber or fabric soles. They are designed to be worn like sandals, but are made of fabric which indicates their use as house shoes. As is basically similar to what is described on slippers, differences on the two styles are on the thickness and the extent of the closeness. Fashion sandals are often popular among women for it can improve ladies' temperament.During June to August, sandals can be seen everywhere unless you are on the southern hemisphere.

      To sum up, both flip flops and sandals are fit for everyone, young and old, men and women. No matter you are at home or on the beach, do not forget to prepare one to enjoy your time.